More connectivity leads to greater exposure to the online world dangers. For this reason, it is becoming more and more relevant to know what motivates criminals behind cyber attacks, so that we can avoid risky behavior.

The impact of cyber attacks on cross-border relationships, ransomware as one of the main cybercrime techniques, attacks on critical infrastructures, computer spying on mobile devices and the use of IoT as a vehicle for malware are some of the trends that will mark the year regarding crime in the world of technology.

The top 10 computer threats that will mark the year 2017, according to Kaspersky Lab can be found here:

  1. Cyber attacks will gain influence in international diplomatic relations;
  2. Ransomware – Theft of information will grow even more in 2017;
  3. We are experiencing an information war and more attacks are expected in order to obtain information illegally;
  4. Cyber sabotage will grow: computer infrastructures will be increasingly victims of sophisticated attacks;
  5. Spying becomes mobile and will intensify on mobile devices;
  6. Financial attacks will become more frequent;
  7. Payment systems will also be a target to attack;
  8. Unsecure IoT (Internet of Things) devices will not escape cybercriminals;
  9. Commitment indicators will fail with personalized and disposable threats;
  10. 2017 will bring more ephemeral and stealth attacks, whose authorship will be even more difficult to track;


Davide Fernandes