We launched today, in partnership with the DGPC and the National Coach Museum, an App that totally changes the way the visitor interacts with the collection.

The challenge at the National Coach Museum was to create visit experience, using the digital technologies, that would still keep visitors’ focus on what really matters: the pieces of the collection. Having this in mind, and following the thought behind the architecture and museography project, RPGSI designed a project, using an App and the setting up Beacon devices, that allows an automatic interaction, only with the use of proximity to the piece, receiving all the information about what you are seeing in the palm of your hand.

This App acts as a complementary support to the whole experience. Imagine visiting the space without having to worry about doing any action on your smartphone, being notified automatically when approaching a piece, so you can directly consult exclusive information about it, such as Funny Facts, Videos or even a 360 from the interior of the vehicles, which are not accessible to the public to its interior.

 Beacons Museu Coches RPGSI

Visit the National Coach Museum and try the Apps, accessible through the following Links: Android and iOS