A hotel located in the Alpine region of Turracher Hoehe Pass, in Austria, was attacked by hackers who invaded the hotel’s network and took control of the electronic door-locking system of the guest rooms. The cybercriminals demanded € 1.500 in Bitcoins to return the control of the system and the hotel managers were forced, to avoid bigger damages, to accede to this request.

Since anti-ransomware solutions are still limited, such attacks are expected to increase further. This cyberattack (the third registered in this unit) has striked the “heart” of the hotel, since it is equipped with a modern computer and electronic system, with intelligent locks that control the access not only to the guest rooms but also to the playful and administrative zones of the building.

Fourth attack was attempted

Only after the third attack and after thousands of euros paid in rescues, the hotel management decided to invest in a complete improvement of the IT Infrastructure Security, and in the fourth attack, hackers could no longer affect significantly the hotel’s network.

This 111-year-old hotel unit will undergo changes to keep attacks off and leave criminals unarmed, given the increasing number of attacks and “rescue” requests. According to its officials, the hotel will undergo improvements and all the doors will have physical keys, as they had 111 years ago, preventing with this “cutting edge technology” that criminals can control access to the rooms.

Source: pplware.sapo.pt

Davide Fernandes