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WannaCry: exploit is stealing data via hotel’s Wi-Fi networks of hotels

After a storm in May caused by WannaCry, the bonanza seemed to reign, yet its strands are the ones that […]

Published on 16 August, 2017

A new malware that steals credentials to access online banking services has been detected

According to the cyber security company Check Point, September showed for the first time that ransomware is one of the […]

Published on 4 August, 2017

UNC3T detains Nigerian citizen for computer fraud evaluated at 170k euros

Portuguese Police detained a 30-year-old Nigerian citizen for illegitimate access to e-mail addresses of top executives of European companies. The […]

Published on 28 July, 2017

Portuguese political parties approve secret agency’s acess to the metadata

Three of the major Portuguese parties, Left wing Socialist Party (PS) and the Right Wing Parties PSD and CDS, approved […]

Published on 13 July, 2017